How an arts-based accountant positioned themselves in the music industry.


The Campaign

We recently helped an Australian arts industry accounting company called Into Tomorrow. Working with the Managing Director, Peter, we created a campaign targeting a specific segment of Into Tomorrow’s market: music industry professionals.

We identified a set of common problems Into Tomorrow had previously solved for these clients:

  • Because it was generally outside their field of knowledge, many music industry professionals had difficulty understanding and therefore organising the required paperwork for their annual tax returns.

  • They lacked understanding of what deductions they could legitimately claim and in some cases were paying much more tax than was necessary.

  • They lacked understanding of the fact that they could pay their annual tax in quarterly instalments and therefore alleviate the large cashflow hit of an annual payment.

  • In some cases, this lack of knowledge resulted in them not lodging their tax returns for several years.

  • Because of this, many of them owed back taxes dating back 3-4 years and had also accrued late payment penalties on top of their original debt.

We then helped Into Tomorrow to craft a campaign that spoke specifically to this audience:

  • We crafted a short, educational video presentation that addressed all the above pain points.

  • The video demonstrated to the target audience that there was a solution to their problem.

  • The video positioned my client as being a specialist that served the music/arts industry demographic exclusively.

  • The video showed enough value and educated the leads to enough of a degree that they felt there was a solution to their problem.

Firstly, we ran inexpensive Facebook ads targeted to this demographic and called them out in their Facebook feed:

We then set this up as a simple marketing funnel delivered via an automated process.

  • We uploaded the video to Wistia, a free video hosting platform that allowed us to track the number of views plus the total viewing length from each lead.

  • We embedded the video on a hidden landing page on Into Tomorrow’s website.

  • The incoming leads from the Facebook ad see the congruent headline on the landing page and are invited to watch the presentation.

  • At the end of the video, leads are directed to click on a button to schedule a phone appointment.

  • The button click opens my client’s appointment calendar on an app called Calendly.

  • The lead is then prompted to add their contact details and select a suitable time and date from the available appointment slots.

  • After setting their appointment, the lead is sent an automated confirmation email plus follow up reminders closer to the date. They are also offered the option to have the appointment details migrated directly into their Google calendar.

  • Peter receives an automated email notification from Calendly as well as having the appointment synched to his own Google calendar.

  • On the time/date of the scheduled appointment, Peter simply calls the leads for their designated 15-30 timeslot where he further qualifies them and discusses how he can help them to achieve their solution.

The Results

The campaign has resulted in a high number of pre-qualified sales calls and Into Tomorrow has gained new tax consulting clients. In the process Peter also positioned his comapany as an authority to this segment of his market as well as the greater arts industry. Due to his reputation as a specialist, he frequently receives speaking/consulting requests such as these:

What The Client Says:

“Leads Leverage has been wonderful in raising the profile of my business, producing fantastic results and helping to position my business brand in my niche market” - Peter Bayliss, Into Tomorrow


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