How an accounting firm targeting veterinarians generated 10-20 leads each month.


The Challenge

This accounting firm wanted to target and generate leads with veterinarian business owners.

What We Did

  • We creating a new campaign on Facebook to target people who owned a veterinarian business.

  • We offered free content related to helping veterinary practices be more profitable.

  • We split tested different audiences, angles, images, etc to find the best combination on Facebook ads.

  • You can see an example of some of the Facebook ads we tested below:


The Results

  • We generated a stead stream of 10-20 new leads each month.

  • The cost per lead was an average of $15.

If you are an accounting firm, watch this short video to learn how our simple, cost effective LinkedIn and Facebook based strategy delivers an on-demand pipeline of sales appointments with your ideal prospects every month in an automated, consistent and scalable way.

Note: due to the sensitive nature of social media, this client preferred to remain anonymous.