Leads Leverage can achieve fast brand awareness and conversion results by leveraging existing popular content in the marketplace that already resonates with your prospective customers.

We do this by researching keywords that your prospects are already typing into Google when they seek information related to your business. From that research, we carefully craft and curate content that is of high value to those prospects while aligning with your own business offerings.

We then place links to this content across your existing online channels and any other social media platforms where your prospects congregate. Once a prospect clicks through, a tracking cookie is installed that follows them across all web platforms and retargets them with advertisements and offers strategically aligned with the content they have just consumed.

The benefits of our unique retargeting system are:

  • An increased conversion rate. Prospects qualify themselves automatically through their content selection.

  • A virtually zero ad spend wastage. Only prospects who click through will be retargeted to.

  • Audience segmentation for more effective marketing.

  • No pitching or hard selling. By giving value in the form of relevant content, you are positioning your business as a solution provider and industry authority.

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