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Website Manager Documentation

Last Updated: 29 June, 2015


In this document you will find the guidelines, training, and resources necessary to successfully complete your role. If you have any questions at all regarding this, please contact Daryl using slack chat.

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Blog Guidelines

Blog Posting Guidelines

Sidebar Guidelines


What does your role involve?

Welcome to Lion Zeal!

Your role while working at Lion Zeal will involve managing and expanding our large network of over 400 blogs.

This includes, tweaking their functionality, making design improvements, creating logos, writing content, and more.

Your main responsibility is to make great looking blogs that look trustworthy to visitors. These blogs will not receive much traffic, and are by no means magazine quality, but it is important that visitors view them as legitimate websites.

I look forward to working together.

- Daryl Rosser, Founder of Lion Zeal

Your Workflow

You will be working daily from Trello and DropBox (with spreadsheets).

Within Trello, you can access your cards, to see which tasks are due earliest:

See a list of tasks due and their due date:

From this page you can also access the board for each task:

You will primarily be working in the Blog Management board, but your role also involves tweaking and improving clients websites, and each client has an individual board.

The blog management board is formed by 4 categories:

  • To Do - this lists tasks you need to work on
  • Site Errors - you can add cards here to list errors and assign 'Daryl' to them
  • Done - drag and drop all completed tasks here

Each individual clients board is also similar:

  • To Do - this lists tasks to be completed
  • Doing - indicates a task that is in progress
  • Done - drag and drop all completed tasks here

Please note that not all tasks are yours. If a task is showing under your "Cards" menu, or has your profile picture in the bottom right, it means it was assigned to you, therefore is your task. Otherwise it is not.

The To Do' list is where the tasks that need done are stored, note in the screenshot below that I am assigned to these tasks:

To get the full detail about the task, click them, and it will popup with more information:

This task is related to a spreadsheet document in the DropBox folder named 'pbn_031114'. All spreadsheets are named 'pbn_daymonthyear" of creation. This example 'pbn_031114' was made 3rd November 2014.

If there is a checklist, you can start checking them off as you complete each individual task:

If you half finish a task, or want to add a relevant note, you can scroll down and enter it under 'Activity':

With any board, once you have completed the task, drag and drop it in the "Done" list:

If you encounter any errors with setting up the sites, or for MainWP Maintanence (covered later), you can "Add a card" to the Site Errors category within the Blog Management board:

And then assign 'Daryl Rosser' to that card to look into it:

If your task also involved a spreadsheet in DropBox, when it is completely finished (including any site errors fixed), drag and drop it to the 'Completed' folder within DropBox:

How to install WordPress

Using Softaculous (the best way if available):

Manually (if Softaculous or an auto-installer is not available):

How to setup WordPress

How to create a logo

Blog content

The video below shows you how to add posts and pages to WordPress:

Every blog should have a minimum of 3 posts, here is how to find content:

Post Image Sources:

There are so many different types of blog titles you can use, the media/content found will determine which is best. Here are some ideas and examples...

  • How To - How to lose 28 pounds in 28 days
  • Lists - 7 ways to lose weight when you're over 40
  • Checklists - First Time Marathon Checklist
  • Reviews - Nike Free Run vs New Balance 420 Review
  • Website Update - Welcome to the new website!

On top of the posts, each blog should have a minimum of 2 pages. Here are a few ideas for pages:

  • About us - Write about the website, team, author, or all
  • Contact us - Explain why people should contact them and include contact form
  • Events/ Workshops - For dates put "in 2 weeks" or "this sunday", explain what the event is about
  • Advertising - Have information about advertising on the site and a contact form
  • Why we created XYZ - Explain the backstory of why the blog was created
  • FAQ - Answer frequently asked questions about the topic / website
  • Tips / Ideas - Have a contact form with information about how to send an article tip in
  • Resources - Useful advice, links to useful authority sites/videos, book recommendations

Do not use the exact same page name on every website either. There are many ways of saying the exact same thing. Examples:

  • About, About us, About this website, About [sitename], What is this, Who are we
  • Contact, Contact us, Get in touch, Talk to us, Contact me

You can also find content to use in posts and pages using the WayBackMachine, this video explains how:

Adding sticky posts to blogs

At least one post on each blog must be set to sticky, this means it always shows at the top of the homepage. Here is how to do it:

Backdate Blog Posts

It looks bad when a blog only has 3 posts for example, but all of them were posted on the same day. Instead of this, we backdate our posts up to 3 months. Here is how to do that:

How to complete the weekly MainWP maintenance

Every monday, the first task you should complete is MainWP maintenance, the video above covers how to do this, including:

  • Synchronising blogs
  • Updating WordPress and Plugins across blogs
  • Ensuring all sites are included in security snippet and maintenance runs

How to setup CloudFlare

Ocassionally you may be asked to setup CloudFlare for the websites. This will be given to you in a Trello task, with a corresponding Excel document within your DropBox folder. The video above explains what you need to do.