What are Chatbots?


Chatbots are a new, automated technology used to facilitate Conversational Marketing.

Chatbots allow personalised, 1-on-1 conversations at scale between your business and customers/leads with the ability to automate a large percentage of these conversations.

Chatbots are used like Alexa or Siri, except they integrate with the largest messaging platform on the planet and the place where your potential customers can be found online: Facebook Messenger. Think of chatbots as being like a much more personalised and targeted form of email, except they deliver your content or marketing messages direct to your prospect’s phone or device when they are logged in.

This ultimately allows you to assist customers/leads at a much faster pace, at any time of the day, help more of them and in a much more personalised way while being able to pre-qualify and segment them around your products and services and adding them as subscribers.

This type of marketing capability has never been possible before in history!

If you’re sending traffic to your website using online or offline advertising, chatbots are a proven method of retaining website visitors because you are engaging with them on their terms, on their preferred platforms and at times convenient to them.

This works for you as the business owner also. Think of all the times you’re unable to reply to phone calls and emails during the same business day. How many customers could that losing you? With chatbots, you no longer need to stop at 9-5. You can now automate 24/7 responses, stop playing catch up on calls and emails and win more business.

There are simply no limits to what a well designed chatbot can do for your business.